Why to join us?

We provide a number of various services to our accredited members. We propagate the BBA and MBA programmes on the international level. We provide internationally recognised accreditation service and counselling concerning the importance of studying accredited programmes to all legitimate educational organizations such as universities, colleges, private schools and any certificate granting educational institutions. Accreditation is a crucial indication of the excellence in business education, especially in a today constantly changing environment. It offers new market opportunities as the accredited institutions rise above competition. We also provide counselling to emphasise the importance of studying accredited programmes.

The European Association for Business Studies gives you an opportunity to meet and learn from representatives of institutions with similar objectives. EABS also provides the background for advertising the membership organisations and their studying programmes. Becoming member of our organisation means to be part of professional, international and diversional network with many possibilities to obtain information, personal a business contatcs or access to the unsusual form of developing your own personalities, business or educating organisation.

Being a member of our EABS indicates that you value continuing professional education and constantly monitor developments in your field. Keeping up to date with the latest innovations in business education means to be the best possible practitioner you can be. By becoming our member, you will have the access to the best employers in the field, access to the career developement centers of our partners or to the publications, events and information about current trends our partners and members are prepared to share through us.