What is accreditation?

Accreditation means both a process and a status. It is a process, in which educational quality of an institution or a programme is being appreciated. As a result of a successful review the award of “accredited status” is granted. Accreditation is given after the evaluation of services and programmes an institution pursues by an external body. This value proposition demonstrates that the adequate standards are met and thereby the institution is credible, has competency and authority to provide a high quality education.
If an organisation meets the required standards, our Association as an independent external body issues the accreditation. Only highest calibre programmes achieve our accreditation award.

Why should organisations and business schools get accredited?

Our Association offers support to educational institutions by providing the latest trends in education and it helps to improve the overall educational process ranging from communication with students to the programme contents. Accreditation means not only a guarantee of the top quality educational institution for students; it also highlights the best quality of the educational programmes offered. Thanks to this, the accredited organisation or school is generaly wied and considered as a really prestigious institution with high quality standards in education, which enhances the admission of students.

How much does the accreditation cost?

The cost of the Accreditation depends on the size of the institution, the number of the programmes offered and the form of education. The basic membership fees are also determined by the type of membership and location of the institution. The detailed information are listed in Membership fees.

What are the benefits of accreditation for the business school?

The main benefit is, that the accredited institution is observed as credible and trustworthy organisation providing the top-quality services. Beside this, accreditation supports efficiency of studying, inovations, sharing of information and provides strong base for networking of all its members and players in academic sphere. The detailed information are listed in Benefits.

Is it necessary to became member before being accredited?

Yes. The membership is necessary condition for organisation to have posibility of being accredited. It is caused by the fact, that our organisation seeks to build large platform for sharing contacts, information and inovations between its members.

Can I join EABS as an individual member?

We are sorry, but not. The accreditation and membership is designed only for institutions, schools, private or state educational organisations or any other institutional body interested in education.

Who can become member of EABS?

Membership is designed for every institution which wolud like to cooperate on developing educational activities and standards in services and educational programmes across all business fields. The type of membership depends on quality of standards of the organisation, its location and its duration on market. The detailed information are listed in Types of Membership.

What is the process of accreditation?

The process of accreditation consists of several steps which are described in detail in Process. In general, the process includes application preparation, on-site evaluation, council rewiew and notification of accreditation status.