What is accreditation

Accreditation means both a process and a status. It is a process, in which educational quality of an institution or a programme is being appreciated. This proces is voluntary and represents non-governemental external rewiew of institution’s ability and capability to provide studying programmes at certain level of quality. As a result of a successful review the award of “accredited status” is granted.

Accreditation is given after the evaluation of services and programmes an institution pursues by an external body. This value proposition demonstrates that the adequate standards are met and thereby the institution is credible, has competency and authority to provide a high quality education.

If an organisation meets the required standards, the European Association for Business Studies as an independent external body issues the accreditation. Only highest calibre programmes achieve our accreditation award. Usually, the standard of services provided is regulary reviewed and accreditation must be renewed every few years.

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