Value of accreditation

Accreditation status is earned only by the best programmes; hence this award is very important for every institution providing assurance of the highest standards and a sign of quality. The European Association for Business Studies assures that awarded institutions and programmes are continually improving their educational quality and effectiveness.

The given status is encouraging confidence that education provided by an institution or a programme is valid and fair. Awarded accreditation also signals that an educational organisation has approved to provide excellent education. It confirms that an institution is constantly improving and meets changes in thinking and in public expectations.

Fundamentally, the Association’s objective is to regularly revise accreditation standards as a response to constantly changing needs of business and its students. These standards serve as an evaluating platform for educational organisations to assess their teaching techniques, ethical and lawful practices, operations, faculty qualifications and innovations, programmes, student satisfaction and other crucial areas. Accreditation status attracts top quality students, allows for international recognition and provides great research opportunities.

This sign of recognition ensures that the students who have decided to take MBA course can rely on save investment of time and money repaid in a way of the best business education available. The graduates are more likely to be successful among accredited institutions as compared to unaccredited institutions. Accreditation facilitates entrance to a profession in which graduation from an accredited programme or institution is required.

Furthermore, employers and recruiters demanding the most competent managers can confide in the graduates with the best capability, education and real-world skills in this complex environment. The status of accreditation also signals to prospective employers that the education has met widely accepted educational standards. Accreditation identifies the offered degree programmes as the best there are.