Types of membership

Association members at full level of membership are legitimate educational associations and organisations such as universities, colleges, private schools and any certificate granting educational institutions that meet the required criteria and commit to develop their programmes and practices to improve teaching and learning to the highest level.

Thanks to this division, almost every association, company or organisation, which would like to prove its quality and interest in high standards in providing education, can become our member and help us to enhance the posibilities in business education.

According to the possibilities of each organisation which would like to become our member, we distiguish three basic types of membership:

Full Membership

This type of membership is suitable for candidates from European countries. It could be a public sector organisation, business school or educating center, other executive or development centres, companies, chambers of commerce, consultancy agencies, employers´ associations or any other organisation in direct interest on developing and improving quality of education standards. European organisation can use all benefits the membership can provide to them.

Affliated membership

Affiliated mebreship is appropriate for non European countries because of some differences in national standards and legislative bases and mainly because of the impossibility of personal and active cooperation on daily basis due to the local isolation.

Associate membership

Associate mebreship is dedicated to organisations, which are newly formed, are interested in our membership, but are not capable to fulfill all our membership conditions. This type of membership is siutable for organisations, business schools, developement centres and many other companies which would like to prove their quality and high level of providing services without being full egilible members.