Postgraduate educational degrees

We are focused on the accreditation of European postgraduate education organizations as it represents the highest possible form of education. Many mutations in postgraduate studies are available. The most well-known and most widespread are:

MBA (Master of Business Administration)

Master of Business Administration is a postgraduate degree with the most prestigious awareness in the world. Students who have mastered this degree have complete knowledge from the study of business and many experiences of its practical application. Study of MBA offers many specialisations on different industry or application of business administration. Specialisations varies from tourism, finance, health, marketing, human resources, project management, strategy management, information technologies and many others. The study is focused to manage all main business principles in the real situations and business applications. Graduates are considered as professionals with strong capabilities and can be employed on highest posisitions in the management of the public, non-profit a private sector or in business ownership. They have the best position in a competitive world of business.

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

BBA programs (Bachelor of Business Administration) is designed for talented, creative and energic students with strong general capabilities. In opposite to the MBA degree, this type of study does not require the previous higher education or particular experineces in business and management.

Programs are usually focused on all disciplines of management, general business knowledge and their practical application. Graduates will be able to participate on managing companies, will understand differents aspects of corporate finance, human resource management, marketing, coomunication and PR, corporate identity or project planning.

DBA (Doctor of Business Administration)

The Doctor of Business Administration (commonly abbreviated as DBA, DrBA, or BusD and most recently "PH.DBA".) is a research doctorate awarded on the basis of advanced study and research in the field of business administration. The D.B.A. is a terminal degree in business administration. Along with the Ph.D., it represents the highest academic qualification in business administration. Successful completion of a D.B.A. or Ph.D. in business administration is required to gain employment as a full-time, tenure-track university professor or postdoctoral researcher in the field. As with other earned research doctorates, individuals with the degree are awarded the academic title doctor, which is often represented via the English honorific "Dr." or the post-nominal letters "DBA".

LLM (Master of Laws)

Master of Laws (in abbreviation LLM) is a master degree dedicated to the knowledge of specific sector of laws and legislative. Students gain the experiences at the professional educational standards of this field. Graduates will be the experts in advanced education of this matter and will be able to work in different areas of laws.

These master programs are focused for example to financial services, tax law, information technology, environnmental law, commercial law, internaional law, human rights law, health law or banking law. In some cases, programs are specialised on this particular types of law. These programs are siutable for lawyers they wanted to take a deeper expertise on some of this specific sector of law for their career advancement, which promise the efective building of professional network.

EMBA (Executive MBA)

EMBA (Executive MBA)  is a postgraduate business degree which is designed for professionals and managers with significant work experience. EMBA programs provide students with the skills and knowledge to move up their careers higher, for example to executive or leading positions. Most EMBA programs are studied 2 years (at least) and students can earn their degree after finishing study in their further working experiences. This is an important part of EMBA programs as students can bring their knowledge and skills to the learning and practical environment. 
Students earning their EMBA come from the government, non-profit or private sectors, and from various industries.  Most organisations offering EMBA programs provide this degree also through distant courses. EMBA degree programmes include the information concerning establishement of business, marketing, finance and accounting, and usually take an emphasis on leadership and management in different business fields.  The supply of EMBA programmes is very variable and large.

Ph. D. (Doctor of Philosophy)

PhD  is the abbreviation for  Doctor of Philosophy , and is usually designed for students who compled extensive research in a specified field of study. This research has to bring significant conrtribution to the current knowledge base, and must be usually completed with a dissertation or master thesis. Often this dissertation or master thesis must be defended in front of a panel of respektive professionals and after its successful finishing, the degree of PhD is awarded. A PhD degree usually takes a minimum of 4 years to complete, but sometimes it takes more time depending on the student, university or programme.

Many universities and programmes offer Ph.D. programs internationally. Students willing to continue in their education have a wide range of Ph.D. programmes options, which include doctoral programmes in psychology, education, health professions, engineering, biomedical and biological sciences. Ph.D. programmes are provided almost in each country, so students considering studying have many possibilities to choose from.