Our services

The European Association for Business Studies offers the following types of services:

  1. Educational and Academic Consulting
  2. Articulation Agreements
  3. Accreditation
  4. Mentoring Program
  5. Educational Evaluations
  6. Prior Learning Assessment
  7. Transfer of credits into accredited and reputable foreign institutions
  8. Business start-ups
  9. Publication Activities
  10. Accreditation
  11. Membership

The European Association for Business Studies provides advice and assistance to a number of subjects in order to optimize processes inside the corporation structure and to find time and financial savings. We organise International Conferences with reputable and renowned speakers who share their reflections and counselling on a regular basis. Our Association also conducts publication activities with the main purpose to advice of the actual problems and to contribute to the development of economic and juridical disciplines. The Association has also developed many tools and activities to help you promote your accredited status. Beside this, thanks to the membership in our association, we can provide your company much better possibility to find and reach potential students.