The European Association of Business Studies (EABS) serves as a professional membership organisation providing accreditation service for all legitimate educational associations and organisations such as universities, colleges, private schools and any certificate granting educational institutions. Our accreditation service is the global standard for all postgraduate studies, MBA, BBA, DBA, LLM, EMBA programmes.

The EABS commits to support member institutions in providing continuous improvement in education of future leaders who are capable of critical thinking and contributing to the development of competent management possessing complex skills. Graduates of such institutions are professionals empowered with knowledge that will exceed the standards of business culture.
We strive to introduce innovative teaching methods that will lead towards excellent learning outcomes. EABS creates alliances between institutions with similar objectives.

Through our accreditation service we ensure that accredited member institutions meet the necessary requirements. The quality standards observed by EABS outcomes at individual institutions will be recognized and confirmed as a result of successful performance evaluation reviews through evaluation of institutional achievements against predefined objectives. Moreover, EABS completely assesses any institution, involving the evaluation of programs offered by an institution and an evaluation of the overall management of the institution.