To be competent for consideration for accreditation, the following criteria must be satisfied:

  • It shall be an educational institution of postsecondary education providing either diplomas, certificates or bachelor’s, or master’s degrees; or an organisation offering professional enhancement education.

  • The institution shall be legally organized and authorized by the appropriate state agency to provide postsecondary education.

  • The institution shall enrol students with a high school diploma or its equivalent or students beyond the compulsory school attendance with a long-term job experience in the field of management.

  • The content of the programmes in which the students are enrolled shall be on the postsecondary level or a level which prepares the students for enrolment into a postsecondary program.

  • An appropriate mission shall be well defined, regularly reviewed, and followed by the institution board, faculty, administration, staff, and students.

  • The institution shall respond to future changes and opportunities, improve the education quality, and demonstrate the ability to fulfil its mission by correct allocation of resources.

  •  The institution shall provide the evidence of effectiveness in teaching and student learning as adequate way of fulfilling its educational mission.

  • The institution shall encourage and support quests, creativity, practice, and social responsibility promoting a life of learning for all staff, students, and administration.

  • The governance policies shall be implemented and constantly enhancing by the corporate community. An effective organisational policy shall be clearly articulated.

  • The institution’s faculty shall be qualified and shall demonstrate adequate authority to manage the programmes offered and to develop and implement evaluation, assessment and enhancement processes in its goals and outcomes.

  • The institution shall have market legitimacy, secured financial viability and constitutional coherence.

  • The institution shall have the autonomy for decision-making and control over its future.

  • The institution has published educational objectives of each programme offered. The objectives are consistent with the mission of the institution, the needs of students, and the EABS criteria. There must be  documented and effective process for the regular review and revision of the programme educational objectives.